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Scope of use of ATV belt conveyor

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  ATV belt conveyor is composed of an upper and a lower supporting roller bearings as bearing components and traction components of the conveyor belt, around the head and tail roller to form closed loop conveyor it with the help of to drive roller and a conveying belt between the friction to transmit power, to achieve material conveying.
  1, can be widely used in metallurgy, coal, mining, ports, power plants, chemical, petroleum and other departments. Can transport bulk density of 0.5 to 2.5 tons per cubic meter of granular materials and a variety of materials.
  2, the working environment temperature is generally minus 25 to zero on 40 degrees celsius,. The corresponding protective measures should be adopted for the belt conveyor working in special circumstances.
  3, can be used for horizontal, inclined upward, inclined downward conveying material.

  4, conveyor allows to transport the material size depends on the bandwidth, with speed, slot angle and dip, but also depends on the frequency of large materials. Maximum particle size selection for various bandwidths.

ATV belt conveyor

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