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Process characteristics of Diesel chipper

Time:2016-08-13 Source:

 Diesel chipper slices of wood processing, pine, hardwood, Yang wood, fir, bamboo, because the machine structure is compact, covers an area of small, slices of wood of good quality, low power consumption and is suitable for flow operation, widely used in in small particleboard and fiberboard production enterprises preparing materials section, can also be used for self-employed for the production of wood products.

Diesel chipper

  Diesel chipper uses the low or high voltage motor, large sawdust, wood grinder, disc wood cutting machine, a drive pulley and direct coupled drive in two; feeding horizontal and inclined in two ways, discharge also a feeding and discharging in two ways.
  Wood from the inlet into, when wood according to come into contact with the cutting blade, with high-speed rotation of the cutting disc to cut, cut cut wood in the peel and cut indoor by cutting knife wheel blades produced by the high speed steam sent.
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