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The characteristics of the self propelled manual corn seeding machine

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       Self propelled manual corn seeding machine is a kind of agricultural machinery and equipment are now commonly used in agricultural production activities, largely to help farmers improve production efficiency and production income, can be said to be a mechanical equipment has a very high value, today we introduce some features of self-propelled corn planting manual the machine, with the following view.

self propelled manual corn seeding machine

       1、Seed metering device sowing precision is high, the particle number of qualified index reached more than 80%.
       2、Using the method of charging, high speed operation, when the spacing of not less than 20 cm when the operating speed can reach 8 km / hour.
       3、The distance between the points, the seedling branch is even, the competition is small, individual advantage can give full play to the full play, the crop growth is strong, the yield is high.
       4、Equipped with single and double particle two guide wheel, when the user can choose to select seed seed single guide wheel, a point a seed, the seed can choose non selected double grain guide wheel, to achieve a two point sowing.
       Above is about the self propelled manual corn seeding machine, you are welcome to come to visit our company to look forward to your arrival.
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