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The use note problems of the ATV Garden Box Trailer

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     ATV Garden Box Trailer can be widely used in many production activities, such as agricultural production, horticultural production etc.. In the process of using the equipment, we should pay attention to many problems, today we are going to talk about, ATV Garden Box Trailer equipment problems of some use, following up to understand.

     1、Equipment use, can not be overloaded, ultra wide, super high, speeding and other issues.

     2、Tire pressure equipment to be less than six kg; in use, should pay attention to according to the state, timely replacement of tires in the replacement process, first of all to discharge the air in the tire, and then remove the wheel bolts.
     3、In the operation process of the equipment, equipment towing rod is not allowed to stand or loading.
     4、Are not allowed to park on the road, in order to avoid accidents. If you need to be parked, you must send someone to watch, and in the trailer tires placed under the triangular mat wood, so as not to slide down the slope of the trailer.
     5、Must be done before use to check the use of. Check the tire can not be flexible to rotate; each connector has no loose fall off.
     The above is about the use of ATV Garden Box Trailer, I hope for your help in the production activities.
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