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What is the use of garden box trailer

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    Garden box trailer equipment is a basic transport equipment, can be used for short distance, small objects of the rapid transport and professional, in agricultural production, garden maintenance and other industries have a wide range of uses. Other production activities can be carried out in addition to the activities that can be used for these activities. Today for everyone to explain and introduce specific, garden box trailer  uses, together to understand.

ATV garden box trailer

    1、Garden box trailer can be used for the transportation of the car, the transfer of the fault car, the transportation of construction machinery and so on. It is suitable for all kinds of mechanical equipment and vehicles that are not suitable for long distance travel, smooth running, durable and wide use. The front design of hand lifter. According to the weight with tire.
    2、Garden box trailer is mainly used for short field products transportation, loading volume of irregular shape or large or small goods, convenient handling.
    3、In the road maintenance and other work, but also has a great help. Suitable for all kinds of road maintenance operations, light transport, flexible operation, torque vibration.
    It is some simple explanation and introduction of garden box trailer, I hope for your understanding of our products; help lincjohn look forward to cooperating with you.

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