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ATV Garden Box Trailer purchase notice

Time:2016-12-14 Source:

     The garden is a simple box trailer equipment tool car is widely used in many agricultural production activities, transportation and place transfer activity can be used for tools.Today, we come to a simple analysis of the basic choice of equipment to pay attention to the problem, the following to a simple analysis and understanding.
     1、Under normal conditions of use, such as the quality of the problem, we have a year warranty, man-made damage and improper operation and normal loss caused by product problems are not within the scope of the warranty.
     2、If found quality problems, we will promptly put the product parts and installation instructions to the user's hands, please allow users to change the solution. If the user can not solve the problem, please arrange the timely delivery of products to our company, such as the recognition of our quality problems, we will be free for you to replace, and bear the relevant costs.

     The above is about the garden Box Trailer some simple equipment purchase problems analysis and introduction, hope to help you purchase equipment.

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