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What are the characteristics of the tractor mounted seeder

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      Tractor mounted seeder machine is a kind of basic seeding equipment are widely used in agricultural production, can be used for a variety of production activities, effectively promote the production and promote, improve production efficiency of agricultural activities.Today for everyone to briefly introduce the basic characteristics of the tractor mounted seeder, the following to a simple understanding.
      1、Hand of the device can be adjusted to achieve high and low, suitable for everyone to operate.
      2、By using the advanced design of the hoe frame, slanting supporting plate is provided with an adjusting hole, used to adjust the hoe plate up, down, tilling depth. Hoe leg height adjustment is hand assisted level adjustment, do not play the role of regulating tilling depth.
      3、The supporting is simple and reasonable, in the use of single sowing, fertilization, single Huayun when supporting the level of decentralization, can be placed. Easy to add seeds, fertilizer. To achieve one person operation.
      4、Hiller has left and right shovel. Installed in the hoe frame left, right slider, double row ridge. Slide left and right to the swap, shovel rake together, realize the ground ditching. Shovel into left and right exchange, realize the ground ridge. Adjust the hole slanting supporting plate to adjust the sub soil depth and sub soil ridging shovel, how many.

      The above is about the  tractor mounted seeder equipment features introduce and explain, if you want to know more product information are welcome to call the lincjohn.

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