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?what the problem need to pay attention to high quality thresher

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       High quality thresher is a seeding machine is widely used in agricultural production, can greatly improve the speed of seeding, has a great help to shorten the working hours. Today we simply explain, when using the threshing machine need to pay attention to what the problem is, here is a concrete understanding.
       1、Before the use of high quality thresher, agricultural machinery should be in accordance with the requirements of the manual, cleaning, inspection, lubrication, adjustment, fastening, maintenance, replacement and other work. We must carefully check whether parts change sensitive bump before use, conditioning organizations can be normal, safety equipment can be completely useful; to ensure that no debris inside the machine, all parts should be smooth filling oil.
       2、High quality thresher operation, can be used to touch or try some of its parts, to see whether there is loose and unstable phenomenon, such as there should be excluded. If the wrong threshing machine during the operation, should stop after repair and adjustment.

       Pay attention to the use of some simple above is about the High quality thresher, if you want to understand more information, welcome to call the lincjohn.

high quality thresher

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