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Analysis on ATV garden box trailer

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      ATV garden box trailer is widely used in many fields, such as food processing, agricultural production and so on.Different devices are used to transport the principle is different, today for everyone to a simple introduction, the following to a simple understanding.
      The self cooled disc brake is designed by using the principle of centrifugal fan impeller to form a hollow brake disc. The hydraulic pressure control device of the hydraulic control system changes the control oil pressure, and the positive pressure of the brake to the brake disc can be changed. The system has the function of power cut and stop, and it can also realize the smooth braking.
      Hydraulic brake using liquid static pressure to achieve braking, the braking force and the displacement of the pump and the hydraulic fluid volume or pressure regulation, can adjust the size of brake power, through the electric control device can realize braking acceleration closed-loop control. The system of oil heat is larger, due to the leakage of the hydraulic system, parking is also used as brake or other mechanical brake.

      This is a small series for all of us to share on the ATV garden box trailer principle of a simple explanation and introduction, if you want to know more information about the equipment, please call the advisory.

ATV garden box trailer

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