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Pay attention to the operation analysis of thresher machine

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      The threshing machine can be used for later processing of agricultural production activities for corn and other agricultural products, the rapid implementation of the corn threshing. Today, we have a simple analysis on the basic issues of equipment, the following simple understanding and understanding.
      1、First off the air valve to reduce the load of the fan, to achieve the air load start, run.
      2、Start button, click the button to observe whether the fan is rotating, the use must be maintained when the motor is transferred.
      3、Suction mouth suction mouth can not be completely contact with the suction, to maintain the diameter of the pipe, for the intake channel.

      It is small for everyone to share on the threshing machine finishing operation problems and explain the simple introduction, if you want to know more information, welcome to call the advisory.

thresher machine

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