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The characteristics of self propelled manual corn seeding machine

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     In the current agricultural production, more and more consumers choose to use machinery and equipment to carry out agricultural production activities, to a large extent, improve the efficiency of production activities. Among them, the self propelled manual corn seeding machine is a basic agricultural equipment, today to introduce the basic characteristics of the equipment, the following simple understanding and understanding.
     1、Single seed shell made of pure transparent organic glass, working at a glance, and durable, for the adoption of internal Aluminum Alloy materials, Seiko production, polishing brush and plastic wheels in addition to the traditional seeding process, greatly prolong the service life.
     2、The steel plate and the plastic assembled box are not corroded, the box cover is provided with a hydraulic device, and the utility model is safe and reliable to use. Install the differential transmission system, universal joint, so that any wheel rotation is not under the influence of fertilizer plant, not sprout deficiency phenomenon.

     Through the above simple understanding and explanation, we should have the knowledge and understanding of the basic characteristics of simple equipment, welcome you to lincjohn more devices drow advisory information.

self propelled manual corn seeding machine

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