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What is the role of ATV flail mower

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     ATV flail mower is a basic mowing equipment, can be used for lawn mowing pasture and other places, have a good help to improve the effect of.Today, we want to give you a brief introduction about the basic role of the device on the following simple understanding.
     1、The equipment efficiency is high, average daily 16 times mowing the lawn mower effect is equivalent to artificial weeding. However, the adaptability of different growth conditions is poor and easy to jam. Suitable for flat natural grassland and general yield of artificial grassland.
     2、To excellent soil and water conservation, if the use of artificial weeding, weeding and loosening in the topsoil, often caused by certain soil erosion. The lawn mower is weeding, because only cutting out the weeds of the ground part, has almost no effect on the soil surface, machine tools for mowing the lawn, vegetation, soil and effect with the roots, the soil and water conservation is very favorable.
     3、The effect of increasing the fertility of the lawn mower is to be carried out after the weeds grow to a certain height, and a large amount of weeds can be covered by the cutting of the orchard, and the organic fertilizer of the orchard can increase the fertility of the soil. When using the mower, both hands should be held to the side of the fruit tree to maintain a certain degree of inclination, so as to cut down as much as possible to fall to the edge of the fruit trees.

     Through a simple understanding of the above, all the basic role for the ATV flail mower should have knowledge and understanding of the simple, if you want to know more of the equipment information, welcome to lincjohn consulting.

ATV flail mower

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