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How to maintain ATV Finish mower

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    ATV Finish mower is a basic management equipment, can be used in landscape management and agricultural production activities, to enhance the efficiency of the entire production activities have an important role.Today to explain the basic maintenance of the equipment, the following to a simple understanding.
    After the use of equipment, it should be fully cleaned, and check all the screws are tightened, the oil surface is in line with the provisions of the air filter performance is good, the blade has no defects, etc..
    The maintenance of the oil is required before each lawn mower. Check the oil level to see if it is between the upper and lower scales.Change the oil regularly according to the instruction.The oil change should be carried out under the condition that the engine is in a heat engine, so as to ensure that the waste oil can be fully discharged. Filling oil can not be too much, otherwise it will now: to launch free hard, black smoke, lack of power and engine overheating phenomenon.

    The above is for everyone to share a simple explanation of the ATV Finish mower maintenance, I hope you know the use of equipment and help.

ATV Finish mower

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