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Need to pay attention to the use of reaper quotation

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    Reaper quotation is a kind of basic agricultural equipment, which can be used to produce and process a variety of crops. Today, we simply explain the use of equipment need to pay attention to some of the problems, the following to a simple understanding.
    Machine hand harvesting, should beeye frequently, ear and hands frequently. To observe at any time on the dashboard, corn combine harvester on the flow of the machine, the working parts of the operation. Listen carefully to the engine cylinder and other working parts. To see or hear abnormal situation should immediately stop. When you hear the engine sound boring, cylinder abnormal sound and see the engine black smoke, indicating the drum threshing resistance is too large, should be appropriate to increase the gap, reduce the speed of the threshing cylinder or immediately on the main clutch shift off parking, harvester forward momentum, and then increase the throttle to sound normal after threshing. To reduce a stall or reduce cutting operation, carry out normal operations.

    Through the above explanation, we should pay attention to the basic use of the reaper quotationequipment should have a simple understanding and understanding, the latter will continue to organize for you to share, please continue to pay attention to the  lincjohn dynamic.

Reaper quotation

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