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What problems need to pay attention to ATV Finish mower

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    The ATV Finish mower is a kind of basic management equipment in the modern agricultural production activities and landscape management activities. Today, we simply explain the use of ATV Finish mower equipment to pay attention to what problems, the following to a simple understanding.
    1、the use of engine oil gasoline and gasoline engine with qualified guarantee, gasoline and oil mixing ratio of 25:1; 25 hours after the operation must check air filters and spark plugs; every tank after ten minutes of rest; each class should be cleaned after the heat sink of dirt, to ensure the cooling effect.
    2、The use of transmission parts: twenty-five hours after the operation to speed up the replacement of grease, while the upper part of the transmission shaft and the clutch with grease.
    3、the use of the blade, blade, should maintain a balanced, sharp, can not be used to shake the saw blade, blade; weeding nylon cord head, the length of use should be controlled at less than or equal to 15 cm.

    Through the above simple learning, we need to pay attention to the use of the ATV Finish mower in the process of the problem should have a specific understanding, you are welcome to call more information.

ATV Finish mower

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