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What are the characteristics of the self propelled manual corn seeding machine?

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    As a basic operation equipment in the agricultural production activities, the self propelled manual corn seeding machine can be used in different production activities, and it can improve the basic production efficiency. Today for everyone to explain and introduce the basic features of the equipment, the following simple understanding.
    1, increase the adjustment according to the seed spacing, nozzle size change wheel.
    2, the box does not rotate, the seed coating agent without friction damage.
    3, transparent box, so that a variety of grain inside the box at a glance.
    4 、 adjustable push handle, adjust the pushing angle according to different height.
    5, rotating the key parts of the installation of bearings, light, fast and labor-saving.
    6, the use of a machine, suitable for a variety of upland crops sowing.
    7, exclusive features, the rotating part of the outside is iron, using full gear drive. Strong and durable card machine.

    The above is the explanation of the basic characteristics of the self propelled manual corn seeding machine, which is discussed by lincjohn. We hope it will help you understand the equipment.


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