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What are the basic features of the tractor mounted seeder?

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     The tractor mounted seeder is a production mode through manual hand traction, which can ensure the basic production activities in an efficient and orderly manner. Today for everyone to explain and introduce the basic features of the equipment, the following to simple understanding.
     The equipment can be used for the sowing of granulated crops such as sesame, soybean, red bean, Chinese cabbage seed, corn and broad bean. Both fertilization and sowing, seeding quantity, fertilizer, sowing depth can be adjusted using the small machinery is dry. Applicable to all dry land crop ridge operation. It is the first choice of agricultural mechanization for the majority of farmers' friends. Selection of regular enterprise production gearbox, high-quality brand-name gasoline engine as a matching power. Easy to start, light and durable. The whole board is designed and molded at once, so it is durable. Bold hand, humanized high-quality hand throttle design. The new style adds the functions of high and low offset and clutch. The unique design of main wheel does not slip the ditch, and makes it less dusty.

     Through the above understanding, we all have a more detailed understanding of the basic characteristics of the tractor mounted seeder, and welcome you to continue to pay attention to the dynamics of the lincjohn.

tractor mounted seeder

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