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What are the advantages of ATV flail mower

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    ATV flail mower equipment advantages compared to the industry of other devices, practical life is longer, the late operation is more simple, to meet the needs of specific production activities can be very good. The main advantage to come to you today to explain simple flail mower equipment, understanding and following the easy to understand.
    The blade is hinged on the cutter head, and when the cutter rotates at high speed, the cutting state is kept under the influence of centrifugal force. When excessive resistance or obstruction, the blade is back pendulum, to avoid damage. The side edge of the blade mouth can use side wear. Replacement blades are also more convenient than reciprocating mowers. Besides the safety device similar to the reciprocating mower, a protective cover is arranged above the cutter to ensure personal safety in the rotary mower.

    Through the above analysis, we should have a more specific understanding for ATV flail mower equipment advantages, welcome you to come to consult the lincjohn.

ATV flail mower

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