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How to maintain a ATV garden box trailer?

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     As a basic equipment for agricultural production, ATV garden box trailer can well meet the basic needs of production activities. In the use of equipment, we need to do basic maintenance, to ensure the basic life of equipment. Today for everyone to explain and introduce the basic equipment maintenance methods, the following simple understanding and understanding.
     1, welding or welding floor casters are broken; stainless steel caster nuts and bolts are loose phenomenon; check the equipment due to the structural deformation caused by overload or violent impact, the weight is not evenly allocated to one or two universal wheels will lead to universal wheel casters, caster wheels can not deformation. Rotation;
     2, if it is equipped with lance universal wheel casters, ensure the installation hole device is not bent, and closely connected with the inserting rod; use locknut or lock washers to install castors; pull plate trolley confirm expanded rubber sleeves installation location is fastened in place.

     The above is a small package for everyone to share and discuss the basic maintenance of ATV garden box trailer, and the later will continue to arrange for you to share, welcome to continue to pay attention to the dynamics of forest Thatcher's official website.

ATV garden box trailer

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