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Reduce the energy consumption of self propelled manual corn seeding machine

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    Self propelled manual corn seeding machine, which is a basic sowing device, which can be used in agricultural production activities to realize rapid sowing of crops, raise production efficiency and reduce production cost. Today, lincjohn for everyone to explain and introduce how to reduce the self propelled manual corn seeding machine energy loss, the following to simple understanding and understanding.
    Before using the equipment: if you are using a year of products, transmission parts will need to check the corn planting gear, check whether the parts can operate normally, can apply lubricating oil for maintenance, also need to spring device corresponding to each parts inspection, such as loose timely and smooth, the user is using the latest this year there is no need to buy products of these operations, only need to be assembled;
    Equipment use: in accordance with the manufacturer's technical requirements for installation and use, fertilizer boxes should not be loaded too full, when sowing, do not vigorously operate, do not reverse pull or sharp turn operation, and do a good job of land debris cleanup.
    Equipment after use: clean up a fertilizer box, the corn seeder placed in ventilated and dry warehouse, such as open storage, to cover the operation of corn seeder, in order to prevent the damage of components can be removed.

    The above is a small compilation for everyone to share, about reducing self propelled manual corn seeding machine of the explanation and introduction, later will continue to arrange for you to share, welcome to continue to pay attention to the forest Thatcher's official website dynamic.

self propelled manual corn seeding machine

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