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Working principle analysis of diesel chipper

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    The diesel chipper is the basic component of the agricultural vehicle now. It can provide the basic energy and power supply for the vehicle. Today for everyone simple analysis and introduction diesel engine equipment is how to work, the basic principle is what, the following to simple understanding and understanding.

diesel chipper

    The diesel engine is generally divided into suction, compression, eruption, exhaust step begins, piston from TDC to BDC downward, the fresh air into the cylinder, and then from the ending point up to TDC, the inhaled gas compression, the pressure and temperature.
    When approaching the TDC, the gas temperature has exceeded the ignition point of the diesel fuel. At this time, the diesel fuel is injected into the fuel nozzle to burn rapidly, and the high temperature and high pressure gas pushes the piston down to do the work. 
    After that, the piston rises again from the lower dead point, discharging the exhaust air into the cylinder and completing a cycle. The piston works continuously, driving the connecting rod to rotate the crankshaft and transmitting kinetic energy from the crankshaft.

    The above is a small compilation for everyone to share about the diesel chipper working principle of the explanation and introduction, later will continue to arrange for you to share, welcome to continue to pay attention to Lin Thatcher's official website dynamic.

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