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What are the methods of hand seeder?

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     The utility model relates to a hand drill, which is a basic sowing equipment in the agricultural production activity, and can well meet the basic needs of the production activities and improve the basic operation efficiency. Weifang forest Thatcher is a professional planting equipment design and supply manufacturers, today for everyone to explain and introduce simple hand seeder, what are the methods, the following simple understanding.
     ? refer to the seeding rate at the bottom of the body, set the size of the sliding door according to the size of the seed and the size of the fertilizer applied. Unscrew the wing nut, adjust the "S" shape door button, make the sliding door size requirements, and tighten the wing nut.
     ?Bagging. The sliding door is closed, open the bag zipper, the seeds or fertilizer to the height of 1/2-2/3, pull the zipper. Carry the strap over your left shoulder.
     ?walking the rocking handle is moved, by shaking the handle to control the seeding speed, and then open the sliding door, sliding door control rod is pulled back to the "S" button on the spring door, according to the sowing quantity of each step of a turn is calculated.

     The above is a small compilation for everyone to share about the use of hand seeder to explain and introduce, and later will continue to arrange for you to share, welcome to continue to pay attention to Lin Thatcher's official website dynamics.

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