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Analysis of the use of tractor mounted seeder

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     Tractor mounted seeder is a kind of basic sowing and tillage equipment, which can meet the needs of basic production activities. Weifang forest Thatcher is a professional agricultural operation equipment design and supply manufacturers, today our company for specific introduction and analysis of the use of traction seeder, pay attention to what problems, the following specific understanding.

Analysis of the use of tractor mounted seeder

     1. Check the fasteners carefully before operation. Make sure they are securely joined.
     2, before the operation, the rotating parts should be filled with lubricating oil.
     3, every class after the operation, will be attached to the soil and other debris clean.
     4, after each quarter of work, check the running parts of the bearing and chain, to see whether the need to replace or adjust.
     The above is a small compilation for everyone to share the introduction and introduction of the use of tractor mounted seeder, and later will continue to arrange for you to share, welcome to continue to pay attention to Lin Thatcher's official website dynamics.
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