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Self propelled manual corn seeding machine

Time:2017-09-23 Source:

     Self propelled manual corn seeding machine is widely used in the current agricultural production activities, which can improve work efficiency and reduce human resources investment. Weifang lincjohn trade limited company is the design, management of agricultural planting equipment Shandong area a professional manufacturers, here we analyze pay attention to what the problem in equipment in the process of using corn planter.

Self propelled manual corn seeding machine

     The corn planter try to pay attention to driving speed can't be too quick to drive even when in use, it will make the corn planter at the time of sowing easier manipulation, and seeding effect will be better, the corn planter also need to pay attention to the machine itself is not damaged when in use, in the drive before to do a thorough examination of this will make corn planter when in use is not unexpected while sowing speed slows dramatically, and in the seed box decreased to about twenty percent of the time needs to be increased, this will make the corn planter appear not at work when suddenly unable to continue sowing or break phenomenon. Before using a small corn planter seeding must choose a 20 square meters of area for planting, to check the small corn What are the problems with the planter.

     The above is a small series for everyone to analyze the introduction of Self propelled manual corn seeding machine, attention, and I hope all of you use the equipment to help.

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