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ATV garden box trailer material characteristics explain

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      ATV garden box trailer plays an important role in the current horticultural management activities. It can reduce the human resources investment and improve the work efficiency. Weifang Lin Jie Trading Co., Ltd. is a professional agricultural equipment manufacturer in Weifang. The following are the basic materials and characteristics of the equipment.

ATV garden box trailer material characteristics explain

      Used in the goods turnover frequency higher industry, the material selection of traditional steel, bearing performance is good, with anti-corrosion, rust prevention, easy to clean and so on. The trolley surface adopts electrostatic powder spray, high quality, good corrosion resistance; configuration foot wheel drive major, light and flexible, can meet the various ground conditions, two directional wheels, two universal belt brake is absolutely silent, giving you a quiet and comfortable working environment, casters Japanese technology, special nylon material, and to the bearing is matched with the folding cart to push mute silent, easy to use, more push more light, greatly reduce the work intensity and improve the efficiency of your.

      Through the above explanation, we have to garden cart equipment structure, material characteristics should have a more specific understanding, welcome to continue to pay attention to the official dynamics of the lincjohn.

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