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Application safety analysis of corn thresher

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      Corn thresher is a kind of basic processing equipment in agricultural production activities. It can be used for threshing corn and other crops at first. The operation efficiency is high and it is loved by farmers' friends. The following Weifang lincjohn Co., Ltd. for you to introduce the use of corn thresher equipment safety matters, together with a specific understanding.

Application safety analysis of corn thresher

      1, the corn thresher working environment is very poor, so prior to the safe operation of workers in education, to understand the operation rules and safety knowledge, such as the sleeve to be fastened, should wear masks and protective glasses etc..
      2, before use, must carefully check whether the rotating parts are flexible, no collision, adjust the mechanism is normal, safety facilities are complete and effective; to ensure that no debris in the machine, the lubricating parts should be filled with lubricating oil.
      3, the transmission ratio between the supporting power and threshing machine should meet the requirements, so as to avoid the high speed of the threshing machine, the vibration is violent, so that parts damage or fasteners loose and cause personal injury accidents.

      Through the above understanding, we should have a more specific understanding of the use of corn sheller safety issues, welcome to call lincjohn Trading Co., Ltd. to understand more equipment information.

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