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Basic configuration of ATV garden box trailer

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     ATV garden box trailer is now a basic operating equipment in horticulture, can help to achieve the transfer of materials in the garden production. The following Weifang lincjohn Trading Co., Ltd. for everyone to analyze the basic configuration of the equipment, learn to learn together.

Basic configuration of ATV garden box trailer

     Tire: 2 165/70R13 automobile tires; trailer front equipped with manual winch; trailer front end install a spare tire;
     A folding leg is installed on the left and right sides of the trailer rear end; two aluminum removable plates are arranged at the rear end; the over board can be installed on both sides of the trailer, the angle of the car is less than 18 degrees; the trailer tail is equipped with three color waterproof LED taillights.
     Through the above explanation and analysis, we should have a more specific understanding of the basic configuration of the ATV garden box trailer equipment, welcome you continue to pay attention to our company's official website dynamics.

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