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What are the technical points of the mowers use

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      Weeds are used to weed, and the effect is better when weeds grow to 10-13 centimeters. If the weeds are too high, they should be divided into two steps, first cutting the upper part and then cutting the lower part. The mower playing rope length should be considered the height of plant spacing and weeds in orchard and decide, such as spacing is relatively wide, and weeds grow tall, make the length of rope should take longer or shorter.

What are the technical points of the mowers use

      When using a lawn mower, you should hold your hands and keep a certain inclination to the side of the fruit tree so that the weeds can be cut to the edge of the fruit tree as much as possible. Opening the medium speed throttle and advancing at a constant speed can save oil consumption and improve the efficiency. It should try to avoid the thick weeds, to prevent the playing rope broken. When the lawn mower is mowing, the coarse weeds can be removed before the lawn mower is used.
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