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Explanation of the use of a manual corn seeder

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      The manual corn seeder is a basic operating equipment in the current agricultural production activities, which can realize the management of the bulk sowing of corn. Weifang linkdrol Trade Co., Ltd. specializes in the design and supply of high quality corn seeder, with superior equipment performance and strong adaptability. Below for you to analyze and introduce the use of corn seeder equipment, to understand.

Explanation of the use of a manual corn seeder

      1 The debris and the opener in the maintenance of the field before operation to clean up the seeding box on the grass and dirt, ensure good condition, and the transmission of tractor seeder and rotating parts, according to the specification requirements of the lubricating oil, especially should pay attention to the transmission chain lubrication and tensioning and seeding machine bolt the fastening situation every time before operation.
      2 When the frame can not be tilted and the tractor is connected to the tractor, it should not be tilted, and the frame should be in a horizontal state.
      3 It is appropriate to adjust the depth of the sowing amount, the distance of the trenches and the shades of the trenching and cladding repression wheel, as well as the requirements of the instructions and the agronomic requirements.

      It is hoped that the above analysis will help you to better understand and use the manual corn seeder, and welcome you to come to our company to consult and understand.

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