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Precautions for the use of ATV wood shredder chipper

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      ATV wood shredder chipper equipment is rotating in high speed cutting and crushing of waste wood equipment, in addition to the internal blade is wearing parts, bearing is an important component of drive equipment operation, long-term use of gas or not timely will appear wear, so once found the problem of bearing failure to replace the new time, what precautions should be taken when the replacement of bearings? A little bit of introduction:

Precautions for the use of wood pulverizer equipment

      First, when the wood grinder is running normally, the equipment does not rotate suddenly. It is necessary to check whether the bearing is damaged. If the bearing wear exceeds 90%, new replacement must be carried out. Ensure that the bearing damage the other parts of the equipment.
      Two, wood grinder bearing abrasion, wear serious, should inform the manufacturers, technical analysis by the manufacturer, to find out the cause of wear quickly, if manufacturers for technical reasons, should be made by the manufacturer to solve; if it is improper use of reason, in the use process in strict accordance with the manufacturer's operating instructions for use and operation wood grinder.
      Three, wood mill in replacing bearings should be used when driving or to remove the chain table, and smoothly placed in a safe place of work without prejudice. First, the cover of the new bearing is opened and smeared with uniform butter to ensure that the degree of lubrication can be installed on the wood shredder.

      Although the timber mill machinery and equipment appears to be simple, but it has a very fine internal parts and structure, but also has a very strong production capacity, so as to be able to meet the needs of people of different people, in the process of purchase, do not let down, and the choice of mechanical product quality is not good and so they are not able to obtain excellent products.

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