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The maintenance techniques of ATV garden box trailer

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    It can reduce the input of human resources and improve the efficiency of the operation. In the daily use of trailers, we must do basic maintenance and management. Today, Weifang linkor drome Trading Co., Ltd. will explain to you what basic use and maintenance skills of trailers are.

The maintenance techniques of ATV garden box trailer

    First of all, you should often dump a trailer to check the tire pressure. Keep the tire pressure within the range of standard values. The low tire pressure will increase the fuel consumption of the vehicle, and the tire pressure in accordance with the required requirements can reduce the fuel consumption by 3.3 percentage points. It is necessary to change the oil of self unloading trailer regularly, pay attention to the cleaning of charcoal and the cleaning device, and change the spark plug in time.
    To a regular gas station, according to the ratio of value compression dump trailer to select the appropriate label label fuel, high or low will cause the cylinder and nozzle deposition increased, shorten the service life. Try not to increase the power consumption in the car, so as not to increase the load of the generator. To avoid weight negative, overspeed and low speed running during the running in.
    It is hoped that the above explanation will help you better use and operate the ATV garden box trailer.
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