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Design significance of ATV garden box trailer

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    The traction frame of ATV garden box trailer reduces the impact force of the starting and stopping of the vehicle, and effectively protects the safety of the vehicle, and the height of the traction frame can be adjusted according to the different models of the tractor.

Design significance of ATV garden box trailer

    Front suspension steering and suspension directional, rear suspension for a double hung, high strength buffering spring, in the transport process, uneven road can still rulvpingde. Convenient luggage and parabolic handling. Door can switch, easy to load and unload. The goods are not easy to drop. More applicable to the rain, snow and other bad weather operations tonnage, size can be customized according to user needs. The structure is simple, the application is convenient, and the maintenance is convenient. Ability, long life and so on. The use of a large number of machinery, metallurgy, warehousing and transportation, and other industries, with the tractor makes the flat plate in all fields has a pivotal position.
    ATV garden box trailer through the car to the overall activities of the house to transport to the beautiful sea, forest, mountain slopes, etc.. Environmental health, do not produce construction waste, to protect the environment of tourist attractions, with a high price. Beautiful appearance, reasonable design, widely used in residential, tourism and leisure, outdoor operations, etc.. According to customer's requirements, design for the customer for their own construction.
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