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Function of ATV wood shredder chipper

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  ATV wood shredder chipper  can solve the re processing and utilization of ordinary wood products in our daily life.
  Used in daily life of the sofa, furniture, and all kinds of old and old office tables and other old wood, if discarded at will, will be more wasteful. As the main site of recycling, timber recycling plant can be used as a wood mill to be crushed. After special grinding treatment of wood, the use of other, to achieve our recycling of wood.
  In large timber processing plants, can be for a variety of wood crushing, such as wood, cork, bamboo, etc.. After treatment can be used as a biomass fuel particles. It can be seen that the equipment function is powerful, and the function of the chip is more energy saving. All parts of the equipment are wear resistant, the maintenance cost is reduced to a low limit. The cutting production efficiency is high, and the high speed and the stroke can be combined together, thereby achieving the rated power is greatly improved, and the cutting ratio and the production efficiency are improved.


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