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The advantage function of Self propelled manual corn seeding machine

Time:2018-05-31 Source:

    Self propelled manual corn seeding machine  is in the original corn sowing machine based on the innovation and improvement of the new models, the advent of the machine must be set up in its function, effect and practical geometric old better model. Does not require all the design is better than the original, but at least there are one or two to enhance and innovate the part, or the emergence of new machinery does not have the meaning.

    Now the advent of new corn sowing machine has indeed done in many aspects of the old type of corn sowing machine requirements, in contrast to new and old models, the new type of machine has obvious advantages.

    The main advantages of Self propelled manual corn seeding machine  is embodied in: first, the accuracy is higher than before, and the number of qualified seeds is much higher than before, and it can reach more than 80%. Second, seeding rate increased, while also being able to more accurate identifying the kinds of hole position, make seedling growth after grow better. Third, the seeding operation is simpler than before, the farmer can be more rapid and convenient operation and sowing machine when the corn and the like.

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