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How to solve the trip of ATV wood shredder chipper

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      ATV wood shredder chipper  if often present trip is not a simple question, this time on the need to find a professional repair personnel to carry out inspection and find the factors, after suitable way to deal with, detailed factors which to have?

How to solve the trip of ATV wood shredder chipper

      1, equipment of circuit breaker if in a disconnected state, first pull the load side barrier switch, arc short-circuit occurred breaker maintenance within the scope, the circuit breaker trip can reduce the scale of trouble. After the line outage operator to disconnect the circuit breaker to first gesture barrier switch on load side rather than the side of the bus isolation switch, the power outage may have two misoperation. This is to prevent the.
      2, the power supply will also cause the peeling machine trip, so it requires the power supply itself and wiring should not be in doubt. Now many new devices will have the initiative alarm system, can prompt the operator to correct.
     In the process of ATV wood shredder chipper work if the trip is in doubt, do not panic, the first to stop the power to check the details of the presentation of a specific, targeted treatment.
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