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Field packing technique for ATV garden box trailer transport

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     Container cargo container is an important process in the process of ATV garden box trailer transport, in order to quickly complete the loading, do not have some skills is not enough.

Field packing technique for ATV garden box trailer transport

     1, in any case, when the cargo container, the container load weight can not exceed the maximum loading capacity of the container, that is, the total amount of container minus the weight of the container. In general, the total weight and the weight are in the container door on the monogram.
     2, each container unit density is certain, therefore in the box loading of the same goods, as long as know air density, you can judge is light or heavy cargo. If the unit density density is greater than the box is heavy goods, otherwise it is light. Timely and clearly distinguish between these two different situations, to improve the packing efficiency is very important.
     3, when loaded to the load balance on the bottom, should be strictly prohibited in the center of gravity of the load at one end of the partial.
     4, the goods should be loaded inside the box neatly packed, close packed. Easy to pack and pack fragile goods, to use the liner or between the goods into the plywood, to prevent the movement of goods in the box.
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