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Self propelled manual corn seeding machine operating skills

Time:2018-07-14 Source:

    For farmers, Self propelled manual corn seeding machine is essential to the agricultural equipment. Do you know the standard operation procedure of the seeding machine?

Self propelled manual corn seeding machine operating skills

    1, the new purchase of the seeding machine, according to the instructions of the assembly of products (simple steps, not particularly cumbersome assembly process); if it is last year's products, be sure to check whether there is a problem parts.
    2, after the completion of the assembly must pay attention to debugging, because the different regions of the land, so the density is not the same. You can experiment at home, and then make a reasonable adjustment.
    3, field work, pilot 10-30 meters, according to the specific situation in debugging, if there is no problem to start planting.
    Note for sowing:
    In sowing time must pay attention to, can not pull, push and other operations, in order to avoid damage to the internal gear. After the end of sowing, according to the first step of the assembly process to remaove the seeding device, cleaning miscellaneous soil, such as sealed seeding device. Do not store in direct sunlight and rain water can be poured into the place, not for the next year's use.
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