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How to maintain the self propelled manual corn seeding machine

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    Self propelled manual corn seeding machine is an important equipment in the field of seeding machinery, can be used for crops such as corn planting, very good to enhance the farmers work efficiency, today we introduce, how to properly maintain the Self propelled manual corn seeding machine, under the surface with the view.
    1、Maize no tillage planter after the end of the period, should be promptly removed the machine surface dirt and debris, and the beam, frame, box and other surface inspection, such as patent leather off phenomenon, should be promptly added to paint, to prevent corrosion of the machine.
    2、Carefully check all parts of corn sowing machine, such as various bolt pin parts, to see if there is missing or damaged, should be replaced if there is.
    3、Regular inspections of the corn no tillage seeding machine, found abnormal timely treatment.
    4、During the period of maize no tillage planter operation should always check the fixed nut is loose or worn, such as loose should be tightened immediately, wear parts should be replaced; check the fastening screws, a key pin is loose, such as abnormal change in time.

    The above is about the self - type manual corn seed drill some simple maintenance method introduction, welcome you to come to our company to visit the purchase.

How to maintain the self propelled manual corn seeding machine

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