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ATV wood shredder introduction

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     ATV wood shredder  is now in agricultural production is an important basic wood processing equipment, has a broad market space, today for everyone to introduce specific, see below.
    1, our company produces atv wood shredder products, from the overall structure of mechanical design is reasonable, mechanical structure is compact, safe and practical, used for production efficiency is very high.
    2, after the upgrading of products, between atv wood shredder  product noise significantly smaller, simpler structure and more compact machine parts, greatly improving the production of high quality and low cost.
ATV wood shredder
    3, ATV wood shredder can be used to crush all kinds of wood products and agricultural products, the products are widely used in paper production, the production of edible fungi and other activities.
    4,  ATV wood shredder with blade cutting and high-speed air impact, the impact of double crushing function in one, and can complete the processing of micro material sorting process. During the cutting and crushing process of the blade, the rotor generates high speed air flow, which rotates with the cutting direction of the blade. The material is accelerated in the air flow, and repeated impact causes the material to be doubly crushed at the same time, and the crushing rate of the material is accelerated.

    The above is about the brief introduction our company produces  ATV wood shredder products, welcome to come to consult.

ATV wood shredder introduction

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