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Analysis failures of corn seeding machine

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    Corn seeding machine is a kind of important mechanical equipment in agricultural production. It has broad market application prospect and development potential. There will be a lot of problems in the process of the use of the equipment of the corn seeding machine, which will seriously affect the production schedule and quality of the production. Today, small make up for you to introduce a specific, there are some problems and solutions, together with the point of view.
    1、In the production activities, there will often be a seed metering device is not a problem of seed. This is often due to gear meshing is not very good, also may be because the metering equipment wear head hole.
    2、Several separate metering device not compane. This problem may be due to the seed metering box inside the scaffolding or metering device was caused by some blockage.
    3、corn seeding machine can work normally, but no seed ditch. The basic problem is the opener or feeding pipe is blocked, can be solved through the blockage of cleaning equipment.
    4、Seed sowing is not uniform. Most of the reason is that the transmission gear meshing clearance is too large, the gear appear skid led, you can first adjust the tightness of the equipment.

    There is some simple equipment fault on corn seeding machine analysis and explanation, welcome you to come to consult lynk drow we sincerely look forward to your arrival.

Analysis failures of corn seeding machine

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