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The use of self propelled manual corn seeding machine

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     Self propelled manual corn seeding machine is now a widely used sowing equipment, can help workers to improve the work efficiency, speed up the work flow.In the use of the equipment should pay attention to the basic maintenance of equipment to ensure the basic life of the equipment and service life. Today for everyone to explain briefly the use of equipment in the process to pay attention to what problems.
     1、The choice of quality of double row corn planter is the key, the sowing uniform, uniform depth and spacing stability, save seeds and so are our selection criteria;
     2、The frame can not tilt seeder connected to the tractor, not tilt work should make the frame level before and after; ensure the effectiveness of the seeds, to no small, blighted, miscellaneous;
     3、In order to ensure the quality of planting in large area before sowing, must adhere to the pilot work of 20 meters, observe the planter.

     It is small for everyone to share about finishing the self propelled manual corn seeding machine the use of attention of some simple explanation and introduction, if you want to know more product information, welcome to lincjohn consulting.

The use of self propelled manual corn seeding machine

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