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Hand seeder

Hand seeder

Hand seeder

1.the seeder is only approx 12kg with high quality and light weight,also easy to operate.

2.its suitable for seeding in plain,mountainous areas,hills,flat,mulch film ect. Sharp mouth makes seeder not be bound by topography. The seeder is multi-function machine matched 7 sets of seeding shaft to apply to plant soybeans,corn,peanut,cotton ect.successfully realize precise seeding one hole 1-2 seeds

3.using high quality gearing to make wheels roll more lightly and durable

4.thats convenient for the user to see the accuracy of seeds intuitively because of the machine body is transparent ,so you can be able to see the quantity of remaining seeds and fertilizer

5.Adjust the seed quantity, row spacing and depth according to your requirement

6.installing the push can adjust the height of armrest, the seed depth and angle wont be changed,sowing accurately and buds come out unanimously

Hand seeder

Hand seederHand seederHand seederHand seeder

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Time:2016/8/15 0:00:00

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