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Time:2016/9/2 0:00:00

1、High quality thresher, including the base, the valley of barrel, frame, cylinder, screen mesh, threshing separation, machine cover, GuDou, engine and small pulley, the pulley, locking screw, drum shaft.GuDou frame top opening is equipped with separation screen, set.

2、Frame between the top and cover with a threshing cylinder, the machine by the valley of persuation and block partition and row broken broken stem leaves covered with ease and valley clapboard section has inclined to install the top of the machine cover has guide plate and u-shaped valley board, row broken broken stem leaf covered Duan Youpai grain and guide plate.

3、Valley of threshing cylinder with ring gear plate ring circumferential outer diameter installation.Row of broken broken stem leaf covered Duan Youba grain teeth.

4、Frame top to the bottom of the equipped with the machine cover mouth plate is designed.Advantage is to reverse the threshing cylinder, threshing clean, high efficiency, faster than the traditional one times above, stem leaf from out of grain, grain falls off the screen from the collection of GuDou, grain is not mixed with stem leaf weeds.

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Time:2016/9/2 0:00:00

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